About Us

The origin of BettaEB is a story that began when I had my first betta fish in Los Angeles, California.
When I was only 10 years old, in 1999, my father got me a betta fish since he loved animals and I was born with the same passion. For the next two years, I cared for the betta fish and was completely enthralled by them.

After that, 20 years passed, and then one day my 9-year-old daughter and I went to a 99-cent store where they were selling veiltail betta fish. She asked me to buy one for her, and when I brought it home, I was fascinated by it and the memories of the day my father had bought me my first betta fish returned.

I began to see how to take care of it in a better way and how to reproduce them. I began to investigate and bought a female, I prepared them as I had investigated and I put them to reproduce. This whole process was so fascinating for me.

And as a result, I had 150 baby bettas, I took care of them for 6 months until they grew up and became beautiful, but I discovered that it is something that I love to do. Taking care of them is my passion.

I thought that maybe I could make more people have beautiful and good quality betta fish and I decided to open my online store so that all of us who are passionate about bettas can have a beautiful pet at home.

Now our small company is growing thanks to the support of each one of you.