Cold Weather Shipping Guide

It is important to consider the temperature at which we are shipping live fish. This covers not only the temperature at the delivery site but also the temperature at our origin. Although we, the experts, will ultimately decide on shipping and whether or not heat packs or cold packs are required, we do advise clients to confirm the local temperature before placing an order for live fish.

Cold Weather Shipping

When the lowest temperature falls below fifty degrees, we usually include a warming pack with the shipment. This guideline might not always apply, depending on the highs and our current temperatures.

We employ 72-hour UniHeat shipping warmers since they last a long time and don't overheat (other warmers spike as high as 150 degrees and don't maintain a consistent temperature over time).

  • If your weather is below 32 degrees as a low, we recommend shipping with UPS Next Day Air methods only.
  • If your temperatures are below 25 degrees as a low, please wait to order live fish or plants until it is warmer.