Weather Shipping Guide

Shipping Temperatures

We need to be aware of the temperature at which we are shipping live fish. This covers both our original temperature and the temperature at the delivery destination. We do encourage consumers to check the local temperatures before ordering live fish, even though we, the professionals, will make the final decisions regarding shipment and whether or not heat packs or cold packs are necessary.

Shipments in Cold Weather

We usually include a warming pack in the box when the temperature falls below 50 degrees. Depending on our temps and the highs as well, there might be some deviation from this rule.

We employ 72-hour UniHeat shipping warmers since they last a long time and don't overheat (other warmers spike as high as 150 degrees and don't maintain a consistent temperature over time).

If the low temperature in your area is below 32 degrees, we advise shipping using UPS Next Day Air only.

We ask that you hold off on ordering live fish or plants until the weather improves if the low is less than 25 degrees.

Shipping for Warm Weather

Depending on the temperature, shipping will be restricted in the late spring and summer.

In the event that the high temperature in your area is above 85 degrees, we advise shipping using UPS Next Day Air only.

We will only ship with UPS Next Day Air Delivery if the high temperature in your area is over 95 degrees.

If the high temperature in your location is above 100 degrees, please wait to order live fish or plants until the temperature drops.

In order to avoid canceling orders for places that are too warm to ship to,Bettaseb may decide to stop shipping to some states throughout the summer.

Use of Heat/Cold Packs If Bettaseb determines that hot or cold packs are required for shipping, they will be provided at no additional expense.

Only when the origin (Palmdale, CA) is above safe shipping temperatures are cold packs utilized with tropical fish. They cannot be used to facilitate delivery in a hot environment since they will melt before reaching their destination.

Shipping Boxes

We ship in styrofoam insulated boxes with a minimum of 1/2" thick insulation to help prevent temp fluctuations and protect against colder or warmer weather.